#86 Drink Drip Catcher-er

Or whatever you call one of these:

Yip, totally first world problem alert! What do you do if you have a large drinks dispenser which releases a irritating drip or two after you’re poured a drink??

Well, this chump wasn’t going to scrub no sticky floors, so for our recent anniversary shin-dig, I created my own drip catcher-er! I saw the idea first on Pinterest, but why would you buy something new like in the pic above, when you can make one for free by upcycling your recycling?? As you can see from the elementary design, I just hacked at an empty soft drink bottle: Continue reading


#84 DIY Spray Paint Doormat

One of the first pins I ever, erm, pinned was a pimped up door mat. We have one of those bog standard coir door mats, and this seemed like a fun way to customise it:

All of the instructions can be found here at Adventureland, but essentially you cut out a stencil, and spray! Today I finally decided to try this out, so first I printed out the text to make a wee stencil: Continue reading

#83 Baby onboard

*Warning this is a long haul post- put the kettle on before commencing!*

I’ve not done a lot of posting lately, mainly because I’ve not done much crafting lately (turns out being a “working mum” is harder than it looks- go figure), but also because we took a little (read: big, hard and expensive but lovely) trip to the other side of the world….so a perfect opportunity to share some tips I took from pinterest, and now some of my own, on flying with a baby.

DSCN0547 Continue reading

#82 Polka Dot Wall

So, I have a bit of an addiction to A Beautiful Mess – I really love the sisterly vibe they’ve got going on, and I seem to like almost everything they create/bake/wear/do! A little while ago they posted this great DIY stencilled wall:

Horse wall made with stencils!

…and I was a little bit in love. Fair enough, Colin didn’t want horses/anchors/arrows on the wall, but I managed to convince him that circles could work! Continue reading

Marathon Monday

Yesterday was Marathon Sunday here in London. Nothing beats London on Mara Sunday – 700,000 spectators cheering on over 36,000 runners on a beautiful warm sunny Spring day. Makes you feel happy to be a human, I reckon!

Ruth and Rose ran the London Marathon two years ago – have you ever known anyone to look so good after such a thing?!

Continue reading

Plethora of Paper Art + Craft

Sian, of the Autumn Leaves and Crayon Art guest posts, has been at it again. This woman is an arty, crafty queen!

I have a tonne of cool pics to share from her craft club posse, but in the meantime, here’s some of her super cute art made with sheet music and some good ol’ buttons:I know some people think it’s sacrilege to use old book pages or sheet music for art/craft projects. Sure, it’d be a crime to pilfer some in-use pages for a crafty little number, but otherwise unloved music and books can find a great new lease of life, and be enjoyed all over again, reincarnated as a creative project.

Wanna make some paper art + craft of your own? Here are a few ideas from Pinterest to get your thinking caps thinking: Continue reading

#80 Jumper to Cardigan DIY

I know the other day I said you can never have enough coasters, but what I really think you can never have enough of are cardigans! Seriously, they go with almost anything, can be dressed up or down, are perfect for changeable weather conditions (aka, UK weather!), and they’re just plain old cute.

I’ve seen a tonne of jumper to cardigan DIYs on Pinterest and elsewhere online, so I was excited to help our friend Jenn turn a slightly oddly shaped jumper into a better shaped cardigan!


See how it’s all shorty at the front, party at the back?! Continue reading