#92 Spray-painted Tins

A few months ago Col and I had a wee bit of a mouse problem here at our house. Now, I can’t blame the mice really – it was warm indoors, there are no cats to contend with, and these home-owners had dutifully left various foodstuffs unprotected in the cupboard. In fact, the lucky mice managed to work through approx 10 mini bags of crisps before we knew we had a problem!! (Shows how often I clean the back of the pantry, and how often we (don’t) eat crisps!)

Anywho, our mini infestation had me wiping every surface and putting any food box, bag or packet which could be nibbled through into an impenetrable container. We happened to have a bunch of tupperware, and I found a couple of cute containers at charity shops, but some things ended up in old biscuit/chocolate tins, “bags for life”, and in non-kitchen rooms (do I buy too much food?!)

Now it’s all very well and good having museli bars in a Roses tin, or crackers disguised as Quality Street, but I just thought they looked naff and there numerous incidents of disappointed mistaken identity. I came across a pin at Christmas time which turns common-as-anything biscuit/chocolate tins into too-cute storage or gift tins, so decided to give it a go:

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#91 Map Side Table

Oopsy – been a couple of weeks since our last post. Time is flying at the moment!! We both have special projects on the go right now, so the blog has been neglected a little. But hey, that’s the way it’s supposed to be: real life first, blogosphere second ^_^

I’m very excited to say that I’ve been a tad pre-occupied because I’m in process of opening a SHOP! It’s feels a little scary real to be talking about it with people, but it’s happening fo’ real! The shop will be a recycle boutique, specialising in super lovely maternity wear. Plan is to open in the Autumn! Turns out starting a business is hard work, so not much time for crafting at the mo, but I suppose I have had a whole year of flexibility to do that, so I can’t complain…

Here’s some of my stock, waiting patiently for lovely new homes later this year:

In saying all of that though, today I had a little time up my sleeve due to a couple of cancellations, and I’ve been a little under the weather, so thought I’d cheer myself up with something creative…

Over the weekend we were in Margate with the fam, and visited a couple of suuuper vintagey, retro shops. Big sis Rose and I spied a loverly map-covered side table (£65!), and I vowed to attempt one myself with some trusty mod podge once I got home. Continue reading

#86 Drink Drip Catcher-er

Or whatever you call one of these:

Yip, totally first world problem alert! What do you do if you have a large drinks dispenser which releases a irritating drip or two after you’re poured a drink??

Well, this chump wasn’t going to scrub no sticky floors, so for our recent anniversary shin-dig, I created my own drip catcher-er! I saw the idea first on Pinterest, but why would you buy something new like in the pic above, when you can make one for free by upcycling your recycling?? As you can see from the elementary design, I just hacked at an empty soft drink bottle: Continue reading

Plethora of Paper Art + Craft

Sian, of the Autumn Leaves and Crayon Art guest posts, has been at it again. This woman is an arty, crafty queen!

I have a tonne of cool pics to share from her craft club posse, but in the meantime, here’s some of her super cute art made with sheet music and some good ol’ buttons:I know some people think it’s sacrilege to use old book pages or sheet music for art/craft projects. Sure, it’d be a crime to pilfer some in-use pages for a crafty little number, but otherwise unloved music and books can find a great new lease of life, and be enjoyed all over again, reincarnated as a creative project.

Wanna make some paper art + craft of your own? Here are a few ideas from Pinterest to get your thinking caps thinking: Continue reading

#80 Jumper to Cardigan DIY

I know the other day I said you can never have enough coasters, but what I really think you can never have enough of are cardigans! Seriously, they go with almost anything, can be dressed up or down, are perfect for changeable weather conditions (aka, UK weather!), and they’re just plain old cute.

I’ve seen a tonne of jumper to cardigan DIYs on Pinterest and elsewhere online, so I was excited to help our friend Jenn turn a slightly oddly shaped jumper into a better shaped cardigan!


See how it’s all shorty at the front, party at the back?! Continue reading

#72 You’ve got mail

My friend Oli had a great idea for a mums crafternoon- shoe box post boxes for our girls. Florence loves posting everything she can find into hers, I highly recommend this for a fun free toy to keep littlies entertained.

All you need is a shoe box, paper and glue. I used some stamps from my inherited stamp collection to decorate F’s envelopes (addressed to Grandma, Aunty Holly, and Oli’s little girl Annabelle).DSC_1118 Continue reading

#64 The freebie refurbished bench!

You may have gathered that I like turning old junky stuff into old lessjunky stuff, and I seem to live in a great area for this hobby/lifestyle choice. One of the many, many reasons I louvre living in Tower Hamlets is that when people get rid of stuff, they often just leave it on the side of the road. Result!

Colin and I regularly come across abandoned treasures in need of adopting, and we’re pretty unashamed about collecting things off the street, so you can imagine my delight when I came across this sad but potential-filled lil beauty:

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