Ciao Belle!

Wowzers…it’s been more than two weeks since our last post! Guess we’ve been just a little busy with life recently, what with a big birthday, an even bigger wedding, special visitors, uni essays, work, baby duties, marathon training, some semblance of a social life…

We’ll be back into the blog swing o’ things next month, but for now it’s Ciao Belle for another couple of weeks. Colin and I are off to Italy and France for an Easter break (and the Paris mara – eek!), while Ruth, G and Florrie are NZ-bound for yet another big fam wedding ^_^

Thought I’d leave you with some Italian and Parisian love from Pinterest… Continue reading


You’re so great!

Thank You

Thank you so much for your 10,000 views!!!!

We are so delighted that what started out as a lil twin project 6 months ago has become something that other people enjoy :D Thanks for your views, likes and comments!!

A huge thank you to those lovely friends who have sent us their own crafty projects to share – Sian, Alex, Toni, Rebecca, Janine, Libby, Sarah, Rachel, Rose, Clare, Lucy, Jenn, and Leanne!

Still lots more fun to come…

Love, Holly, Ruth + Florence!