#92 Spray-painted Tins

A few months ago Col and I had a wee bit of a mouse problem here at our house. Now, I can’t blame the mice really – it was warm indoors, there are no cats to contend with, and these home-owners had dutifully left various foodstuffs unprotected in the cupboard. In fact, the lucky mice managed to work through approx 10 mini bags of crisps before we knew we had a problem!! (Shows how often I clean the back of the pantry, and how often we (don’t) eat crisps!)

Anywho, our mini infestation had me wiping every surface and putting any food box, bag or packet which could be nibbled through into an impenetrable container. We happened to have a bunch of tupperware, and I found a couple of cute containers at charity shops, but some things ended up in old biscuit/chocolate tins, “bags for life”, and in non-kitchen rooms (do I buy too much food?!)

Now it’s all very well and good having museli bars in a Roses tin, or crackers disguised as Quality Street, but I just thought they looked naff and there numerous incidents of disappointed mistaken identity. I came across a pin at Christmas time which turns common-as-anything biscuit/chocolate tins into too-cute storage or gift tins, so decided to give it a go:

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#89 SlightlyMoreInteresting Clothes Pegs

I don’t think that crafty/arty things need to be particularly spectacular, take very long, cost money and/or take much skill. Some times it’s just nice to do something. Today’s post is evidence of all of the above!

I saw these cute clothes pegs on Pinterest a while ago and thought: “Um, Sharpie, Pegs, 3mins. What more do you need?”. So after spending the morning with my head in spreadsheets, I thought what better excuse for a creative break and some sunshine than to vamp up some clothes pins (and then hang out the washing…)

Here’s the original pin:

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#79 Breaded Halloumi

So, I may be really late to this particular party, but breaded halloumi?! Halloumi plus bread crumbs?! Blew. My. Mind.

Spent the day with the lovely Jennifer this week, and she casually mentioned we were having breaded halloumi as part of our dinner. Hold the phone, why hadn’t I thought of that before?? Col and I lurve lurve lurve halloumi, and now I see we have been missing out big time (on all the extra calories!!) Continue reading

#77 Banana-rama!

Warning – you will have a new addiction thanks to Pinterest: Banana “ice cream”!

So here’s all you need to do- stick a banana in the freezer for a couple of hours, blend it, eat it, done.0bafa3c8f764e2432efe383ef0db34dfSometimes I don’t even blend it, just eat it like an ice-lolly. Call me crazy but I think it tastes like white chocolate ice cream!

Excuse the dirty bowl, I didn’t clean out F’s dessert before I used it- too impatient for banana goodness!DSC_1174

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#75 Apple Croissants

We’re all about quick and easy pinterest food here this week! I saw this pin a long time ago and logged it away in the “Um, yes please” brain file but thinking I’d never make them – bake at home croissants aren’t exactly a common sight on our economy shopping list. But last week they were half price and I couldn’t resist (all in the name of the blog of course!) So here’s the pin- how easy right?!

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#72 You’ve got mail

My friend Oli had a great idea for a mums crafternoon- shoe box post boxes for our girls. Florence loves posting everything she can find into hers, I highly recommend this for a fun free toy to keep littlies entertained.

All you need is a shoe box, paper and glue. I used some stamps from my inherited stamp collection to decorate F’s envelopes (addressed to Grandma, Aunty Holly, and Oli’s little girl Annabelle).DSC_1118 Continue reading

#60 Quick waves for straight laced girls

H & I have naturally thin and quite straight hair, and since I feel like I’ve lost a large percentage of my already pretty meager hair volume post baby (thanks hormones) I’m always up for some wave injecting ideas, but normally don’t have the time or inspiration.

Saw this post on pinterest: twist hair and run over with hot straighteners, couldn’t be easier right?265149496781983656_QLodaRF0_c Continue reading