De+Reconstructed Bag

I love my sisters!

(and Mum!)

Not only did I bring some good ‘uns to the table, but Colin also has his own wonderful sisters, who are now mine too! That makes 6 beautiful, creative, amazing sisters…in one thing at least I have surpassed Elizabeth Bennett! Continue reading


#80 Jumper to Cardigan DIY

I know the other day I said you can never have enough coasters, but what I really think you can never have enough of are cardigans! Seriously, they go with almost anything, can be dressed up or down, are perfect for changeable weather conditions (aka, UK weather!), and they’re just plain old cute.

I’ve seen a tonne of jumper to cardigan DIYs on Pinterest and elsewhere online, so I was excited to help our friend Jenn turn a slightly oddly shaped jumper into a better shaped cardigan!


See how it’s all shorty at the front, party at the back?! Continue reading

Guest Pinnage – Leanne’s adorbs Named T’s

Happy birthday to Florence! One third of Twinterest (although tbh she’s been a bit slack on the posts front…) To celebrate her day of birth, here’s a Florrie inspired craft from the lovely Leanne:
(Florence’s t was made by the very wonderful Oh!Me in NZ)
Leanne said: “I made these t-shirts for my two nieces after seeing a similar one modeled by Little Miss Twinterest herself.  I did these two t-shirts, back and front, all in the time it took me to watch The Office Christmas Specials
(2 hours).”

#57 Rose’s ruffle cushion

Still going with the Christmas pressie posts! Ruth and G had a £100 Christmas challenge this year, and Ruth made some awesome gifts for the fam. Here’s another one of her beauties…Hx

I have an abundance of red striped jersey which I knew would suit our sister’s Rose’s lounge colour scheme, lots of pinspiration to be found in the cushion department:183310647302678995_v863OLoD_c Continue reading

#54 Potholder pressies

And here’s my present to our Mum – she was well crafted for this year! Mum had requested some potholders – not a double or single oven glove, but some good old fashioned potholders.

I came across some really natty fabric that I thought Mum would appreciate, so decided to buy some potholders and then recover them with said fabric. Well, potholders turned out to be pretty elusive, so in the end I bought some heavy duty tea towels from John Lewis (designed for handling hot pots!) and made my own. They were so easy to make I also did one each for my two English sisters in law :)

Here are the finished products, Mum’s on the left, sisters’ on the right:IMAG1206I had some left over fabric from Mum’s, so decided to do her an embroidery hoop for the kitchen. One of her well-known sayings:.(Apols for the crap-alicious photos, yet again!)

Happy new year!! Holly x

#53 Knitting bag present

So this is the first of several posts showing our Christmas present craft projects from the last couple of months-


Mum requested a knitting bag for Christmas and I was happy to oblige, I had some lovely Orla Kiely fabric already to hand but needed a pattern. I found this lovely one on pinterest but as it was an etsy pattern I had to make do and make up my own version.

Pinspiration bag:534450680749074359_Sa3BHBys_c

Mum’s bag:DSC_0815DSC_0816

x R

#50 Monogram baby baubles

For a simple (and of course couch-friendly) Christmas craft for the babies in our antenatal group, I copied a felt decoration idea straight off Pinterest.

These are lovely and simple to make – all you need is felt, needle, thread and a letter template to copy.

Spot the difference:152629874841590474_sjJAUXOf_cDSC_0767-001

Pinterest on top, mine below.


#45 Repurposed (Christmassy!) baby leggings

Florence has her own little uniform of leggings and onsies, I can’t get enough of them…and now I can make my own! How amazing is the fabric from this pin? Love it.Image

So…last year Holly gave me a rather natty pair of leggings for Christmas. I love a festive themed clothing gift as much as the next person, but sadly these never made the move from present to personal apparel….happily the fabric was perfect for turning into something else that would be worn- hooray for repurposing. Continue reading