#87 Homemade fajita seasoning

Everyone loves a bit of  “Mexican” from time to time – actually G and I will eat pretty much anything if it’s wrapped in a tortilla with salsa on top…spicy fish fingers anyone?!

I have a cupboard full of herbs and spices and yet we only seem to have fajitas if the Old El Paso range is on sale at the supermarket. Well last week we had one chicken breast in the fridge and not much else, what to do? A quick peek on Pinterest for “homemade fajita seasoning” and I happened to find the BEST site ever for homemade seasoning – this is going to change your life/cooking forever!

Edible Paradise has EVERYTHING – you’ll never buy a packet mix again! Lemonade, jam, basil oil (?!), even how to make your own almond milk! Have a search through the recipe themes on the left hand side of the page, you will be seriously inspired.4423d66617624de3e1f8ea9bbb0b868f

So here is the recipe I used for my first EP expereince: Continue reading


#79 Breaded Halloumi

So, I may be really late to this particular party, but breaded halloumi?! Halloumi plus bread crumbs?! Blew. My. Mind.

Spent the day with the lovely Jennifer this week, and she casually mentioned we were having breaded halloumi as part of our dinner. Hold the phone, why hadn’t I thought of that before?? Col and I lurve lurve lurve halloumi, and now I see we have been missing out big time (on all the extra calories!!) Continue reading

#77 Banana-rama!

Warning – you will have a new addiction thanks to Pinterest: Banana “ice cream”!

So here’s all you need to do- stick a banana in the freezer for a couple of hours, blend it, eat it, done.0bafa3c8f764e2432efe383ef0db34dfSometimes I don’t even blend it, just eat it like an ice-lolly. Call me crazy but I think it tastes like white chocolate ice cream!

Excuse the dirty bowl, I didn’t clean out F’s dessert before I used it- too impatient for banana goodness!DSC_1174

x R

#70 Choc-chip Oreo Surprise Cookies

Oreo-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Need I say more?!

Ruth and I thought we’d try these pinterest-found puppies out the other week. As you can see – it’s a choc chip cookie, with an oreo inside….doesn’t get much better than that!

Here’s the recipe we followed, although I suspect any cookie recipe will work, if it goes well with the oreo flava…you just make up the dough, whack some on top of the oreo, some on the bottom, and then mold it around the edges to  join up the dough. Continue reading

#66 Kale chips

Florence and I have been a bit quiet on the crafting/blogging front of late. I’m in my second week at work (part time) after a super fun year of maternity leave, I think we’re both settling in ok!

Monday is now my housework and craft days (Friday is socialising/play date day!), and this week while F was having lunch I tried out an idea I’d seen both on pinterest and other health blogs- Kale chips- even Heidi Klum is making them!

843bdae2fb8887199ec3fcedf05607ac Continue reading

#52 Winter warmer hot chocolate

For a cheap and easy gifts for friends this year I tried out a cute idea from pinterest; homemade hot chocolate.206110120418082328_SkIeQuFB_c 181129216234109315_OBrP6DLM_c 132504414008171395_Pea7xSe1_c

I adapted a recipe from thefoodieskitchen:

3 cups cocoa
2 cups icing sugar + 2 cups normal sugar

1 cup dried milk powder
1 tablespoons salt
1 tablepoon cornflour
1 tablespoon cinnamon powder

+ one box of chai latte packet mix

This made more than enough for 8 jars of mix. Winter warmer tags were downloaded from marthastewart.com:DSC_0835 DSC_0827-002

x Ruth