#2 Map Photo Frame

Difficulty: Easy-ish / Time: 30 mins / Stuff: Frame, Old map, Photo, Tape

I originally saw this idea on Martha Stewart, when I was on yet another bridal web trawl, but have also seen it on Pinterest. It’s a pretty simple way to jazz up a photo frame, adding a little context to the photo in question. Here’s the original by Martha:

And here’s the version that I did (cheating oh so slightly because I did this before Ruth and I started the twinterest challenge..):

I customized mine a little further to include some old diary pages, written while Colin and I were in Ethiopia a few years a go. The map is of East London, where we now live, and the photo is of us in NZ, so I wanted a third African element in there somehow.

It was pretty easy, and only took me a little longer than I wanted because I was trying to match all the folds of my map and diary pages. You’ll see in the original that the map is just stuck on top of the photo.

One of the things I like about this idea is that is fills what is actually a really large frame with only a normal size photo. Cheaper than paying for an enlargement, and more interesting!

Holly x