Guest Pinnage – Faye’s 30th Extravaganza!

Lots of guest posts slash not a lot of posts going on around here lately!! I’ve been a little pre-occupied with final exams for my Counselling course, and Ruth’s been tres busy as well, so the poor blog has been a little abandoned…

But, it’s more fun having lovely guest posts anyway, and today’s one is a doozy!!

Faye is the wonderful sister of the equally wonderful Leanne, and after I saw pics of her 30th bday party on fb I basically begged her to send me all the details – it looked so fab!!

So here are all the deets, as told by Faye. Photos by Leanne. Enjoy! Continue reading


#73 Rose’s twinteresting bridal shower!

Our big sis Rose gets married later this month! Wooo!

Last weekend we held a little afternoon tea party for her friends, her mum-in-law to be, our mum and little sis (plus Florrie and Wally the cat!). Rose threw fab bridal showers for both of us so we really wanted to make it extra special to return the favour, plus any excuse for a little crafting right?!

In New Zealand it’s traditional to hold a Kitchen Tea to celebrate the bride to be. This stems back from the days where getting married meant setting up house away from your parents for the first time, so guests brought kitchen staples to stock the nearly weds pantry. It’s a wonderful excuse for some games and cake (and a bit o’ bunting), and also something nice to involve mums and other special people that may not fancy a night on the tiles for the hen’s party (Tigertiger- enough said!).¬†Our theme was hearts and pearls as Rose is the ultimate girly girl (except when she’s on the hockey field).

So here are a few pics from our party- there was nothing copied specifically from pinterest this time around, but I’m sure you’ll probably have seen a few of these ideas/themes around before.

H’s lovely book page bunting:DSC_1188A quick story before the party begins:
DSC_1179 Continue reading