Guest Pinnage – Mum’s Knitting SKILLS!

Mama Twinterest is one crafty lady – I reckon that creativity is a nature+nuture thang, and any creative juices we may have are only there because our Mum and Grandmas are and were arty farty (plus our Dad is a pretty dab-hand at the paintbrush and camera as well!)

In the last few years, Mum has really taken to knitting in a signif way; picking up the mantle of her Mum, our Grandma June who knitted ridiculously amazing wearable pieces of art for all and sundry. June knitted our bro John a pretty rad tiger jumper back in the day, and it cropped up in many a fam photo:


(Michelangelo, anyone?!)

Well, now John has a mini one of his own, so Mum made the Tiger Jumper 2.0!! Here is our sweet and wonderful nephew Nick rocking the Tiger just like his Dad: Continue reading