Marathon Monday

Yesterday was Marathon Sunday here in London. Nothing beats London on Mara Sunday – 700,000 spectators cheering on over 36,000 runners on a beautiful warm sunny Spring day. Makes you feel happy to be a human, I reckon!

Ruth and Rose ran the London Marathon two years ago – have you ever known anyone to look so good after such a thing?!

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#63 My new personal trainer

As I’m sure a lot of people are doing at this time of year, I’ve found myself checking out the Health & Fitness category of Pinterest a few times this month. And I’m sure a lot of those people are mums trying to get their fitness mojo back!

(The photo below is not us- F can only dream of crawling like that!)

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#25 DIY sportsdrink

Of the many things our mother blessed us with, a love of running is pretty consistent throughout the family. Off the top of my head I counted 20+ half and full marathons by immediate family members.

One of the best things about running is that, besides a good pair of running shoes ( I am a Saucony fan, whereas Holly favours Asics), it is virtually free. I’m currently training for a half marathon and, as far as I know, after about 90 minutes of continual exercise your body is most likely keen for some more readily available energy. Most people grab a sportsdrink – easy fluids + carbs + electrolytes. Powerade and the like are admittedly not going to break the grocery budget, but they don’t really consist of anything more than you already have in your store cupboard, so after I saw this pin on pinterest I decided to make my own.

The full info is from this website and makes over two litres (1 quart= 1.13L). For one cup the quantities I used are approx 2 tsp of sugar and a sprinkle of salt into a slightly stronger than normal glass of squash/juice. I used squash concentrate as I couldn’t easily find powdered drink sachets here in the UK.

FYI this is a really interesting article on electrolyte replacement written by a dietitian in the running times.

Miss F, future runner:x R