Guest Pinnage – Faye’s 30th Extravaganza!

Lots of guest posts slash not a lot of posts going on around here lately!! I’ve been a little pre-occupied with final exams for my Counselling course, and Ruth’s been tres busy as well, so the poor blog has been a little abandoned…

But, it’s more fun having lovely guest posts anyway, and today’s one is a doozy!!

Faye is the wonderful sister of the equally wonderful Leanne, and after I saw pics of her 30th bday party on fb I basically begged her to send me all the details – it looked so fab!!

So here are all the deets, as told by Faye. Photos by Leanne. Enjoy! Continue reading


Guest Pinnage – Mum’s Knitting SKILLS!

Mama Twinterest is one crafty lady – I reckon that creativity is a nature+nuture thang, and any creative juices we may have are only there because our Mum and Grandmas are and were arty farty (plus our Dad is a pretty dab-hand at the paintbrush and camera as well!)

In the last few years, Mum has really taken to knitting in a signif way; picking up the mantle of her Mum, our Grandma June who knitted ridiculously amazing wearable pieces of art for all and sundry. June knitted our bro John a pretty rad tiger jumper back in the day, and it cropped up in many a fam photo:


(Michelangelo, anyone?!)

Well, now John has a mini one of his own, so Mum made the Tiger Jumper 2.0!! Here is our sweet and wonderful nephew Nick rocking the Tiger just like his Dad: Continue reading

Guest Pinnage – Sian’s Craft Club!

Col and I are off to Ireland this weekend for a wedding, and a belated wedding anniversary break – yippeee! I’m pretty excited because; a) I love Ireland x1mil, b) a great couple are getting married and marriage is awesome, and c) we get to see some fab people, including the lovely Sian!

Sian has kindly shared lots of her craftiness on the blog since we started it last year, and I have been collecting photos of her super cool Craft Club to share with you peeps. So in celebration of seeing her this weekend, today’s post is an ode to the awesomeness that is their craft club!! Here we go…

Craft Club #1

Washer necklaces, Cut wine bottles, bubble art, and a very cool cut-out map Continue reading

Plethora of Paper Art + Craft

Sian, of the Autumn Leaves and Crayon Art guest posts, has been at it again. This woman is an arty, crafty queen!

I have a tonne of cool pics to share from her craft club posse, but in the meantime, here’s some of her super cute art made with sheet music and some good ol’ buttons:I know some people think it’s sacrilege to use old book pages or sheet music for art/craft projects. Sure, it’d be a crime to pilfer some in-use pages for a crafty little number, but otherwise unloved music and books can find a great new lease of life, and be enjoyed all over again, reincarnated as a creative project.

Wanna make some paper art + craft of your own? Here are a few ideas from Pinterest to get your thinking caps thinking: Continue reading

Guest Pinnage – Leanne’s adorbs Named T’s

Happy birthday to Florence! One third of Twinterest (although tbh she’s been a bit slack on the posts front…) To celebrate her day of birth, here’s a Florrie inspired craft from the lovely Leanne:
(Florence’s t was made by the very wonderful Oh!Me in NZ)
Leanne said: “I made these t-shirts for my two nieces after seeing a similar one modeled by Little Miss Twinterest herself.  I did these two t-shirts, back and front, all in the time it took me to watch The Office Christmas Specials
(2 hours).”