#93 Crochet Convert / Knitting Nana

I’m pretty excited to announce that I, Holly, am now a convert to the art of crochet! I’ve always been in awe of the crochet wonders produced around me. I mean, check out some of Ruth’s past beauties:

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# 37 Felt flowers and woolly little projects

Felt and wool are my main craft loves.  Here are two wintery little projects that combine the two.

First up is a headband for Florrie. I found this interesting “Tunisian” crochet technique on pinterest, it’s more like knitting than crochet really as the wool stays on the hook. You can use a normal hook but that is limiting to how big your piece will be (fine if you wanted to do small squares etc). The best tool is to use an Afghan hook (thanks Mum)  which is basically a knitting needle with a crochet hook on the end. Here is the link to the tutorial (cute website!) I found via pinterest, and this is how it looks-

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#20 Coat hanger craft

{For the wire word- Difficulty: easy-ish/Time: longer than you’d think but a perfect tv watching craft/Materials:Wire + wool + brute strength}

So the following pin has been on my craft board for ages, but I never got round to making it. A perfect example of the reason this blog was formed! How cute/simple is this?

So for a little (5th) wedding anniversary inspired craft I finally made my own version. Coathanger + wool = easy…well, easy-ish as the wire was surprisingly hard to bend. Husband patiently bent it for me and put up with my font style suggestions. Kind of nice to do a little craft teamwork.

Here it is on the mantle-

Well, then I found myself with another wire coat hanger in need of some woolly grand designs. I wanted something for Florence to look at during nappy changing time as she is getting a little wriggly. There are some amazing mobiles on pinterest:

I really like the doily idea, and this butterfly one from kikicreates.com. Then I saw this raindrop pin and my searching was over. 

I was feeling too lazy to crochet a cloud, plus I had the aforementioned coat hanger ready for action. A quick google search for “crochet raindrop”, wire bending husband back in action, a sun invented during Downton Abbey and we’re away.

Here’s F checking out the new mobile-

And here’s Mr Carson-

xx Lady R

#10 Naptime crafting

It’s tempting to flop down on the couch once F is asleep but much more satisfying to create. There are lots of super quick ideas on pinterest, including some great ones from this website Naptime decorator… my favourite is the numbered stairs for learning to count- genius idea.

So a little more bedroom art today thanks to the faithful paint chip.ImageImage

Loving this cute idea from pinterest


Now my child is a bit of freak when it comes to sleeping so I had time to do some other projects too. (Part her dad’s personality, part babywisetraining- love it or hate it but she’s slept 10 hours every night since 7 weeks old, and currently does 6 hours during the day so you won’t find me complaining!)

Quick little knotted jersey headband and crochet buttonaire:

ImageThe jersey was left over from these awesome fabric letters Holly did for her wedding-Image

x R

#3 Crochet Cat

Difficulty: Easy for a crocheter / Time: 3+ hours / Stuff: Wool, Buttons, Crochet hook

I love crochet.

Unfortunately, prior to this blog project, more time has been spent researching crochet ideas than actually completing projects. As well as our dear friend pinterest, my other favourite procrastination spot is over at ravelry (great for super cute free patterns for crocheters and knitters alike).

But no longer! This cute little guy goes from pinterest dreaming on my baby craft board….

…to a new little friend.

Here’s Florence saying hello-

As you can see I changed the tail to make it a bit sturdier as I was worried F would remove it otherwise! For fellow crochet lovers, the original pin is from Crochet for free.

x Ruth