Guest Pinnage – Sian’s Craft Club!

Col and I are off to Ireland this weekend for a wedding, and a belated wedding anniversary break – yippeee! I’m pretty excited because; a) I love Ireland x1mil, b) a great couple are getting married and marriage is awesome, and c) we get to see some fab people, including the lovely Sian!

Sian has kindly shared lots of her craftiness on the blog since we started it last year, and I have been collecting photos of her super cool Craft Club to share with you peeps. So in celebration of seeing her this weekend, today’s post is an ode to the awesomeness that is their craft club!! Here we go…

Craft Club #1

Washer necklaces, Cut wine bottles, bubble art, and a very cool cut-out map Continue reading


#56 Christmas nails!

I never did accomplish those elusive snowflake nails in the end – they looked more like asterisks….!

But I did conquer the taped triangles, which I’d tried before but ended up with more polish on the tape than on my nails :S

Here’s the tutorial I used from Pinterest:

171981279490530083_TgvVFrDI_cIt’s a simple enough concept: Paint your nails one colour, once dry create a triangle on the tip using tape, and then paint on a contrasting colour. As you can see, I switched the colours over for the other hand. Tres happy with the result, although maybe in future I’ll downsize the triangles a lil. Continue reading

#52 Winter warmer hot chocolate

For a cheap and easy gifts for friends this year I tried out a cute idea from pinterest; homemade hot chocolate.206110120418082328_SkIeQuFB_c 181129216234109315_OBrP6DLM_c 132504414008171395_Pea7xSe1_c

I adapted a recipe from thefoodieskitchen:

3 cups cocoa
2 cups icing sugar + 2 cups normal sugar

1 cup dried milk powder
1 tablespoons salt
1 tablepoon cornflour
1 tablespoon cinnamon powder

+ one box of chai latte packet mix

This made more than enough for 8 jars of mix. Winter warmer tags were downloaded from DSC_0827-002

x Ruth

#50 Monogram baby baubles

For a simple (and of course couch-friendly) Christmas craft for the babies in our antenatal group, I copied a felt decoration idea straight off Pinterest.

These are lovely and simple to make – all you need is felt, needle, thread and a letter template to copy.

Spot the difference:152629874841590474_sjJAUXOf_cDSC_0767-001

Pinterest on top, mine below.


Guest Pinnage – Advent Calendar fun!

It’s really nice to have some wonderful guest posts to occupy Twinterest while we’re busy making things (that def can’t be blogged about until after they’ve been unwrapped!)

Thanks to Rachel for emailing me today’s Guest Pinnage – her super cute Advent Calendar:

“Loving the blog oh so much. Thanks for the inspiration to keep putting these pins into action. Saw your call for christmas related pins – I just finished an advent calendar that combines this:


(from Pickles)

with this:


(from The Cheese Thief) 

Continue reading

Guest Pinnage – Sarah (& Martha’s) Doily Wreath

A little perusing on facebook the other day turned up trumps when I came across a beautiful bit of crafting. Our friend Sarah is tres creative, and here is her lovely take on a Martha classic :)

“I love wreaths. I spotted this beautiful doily wreath  a couple years back and ‘pinned’ it as a mental note (I don’t think I had Pinterest then) to HAVE TO make one day. That Martha never ceases to give me craft-envy.

. Continue reading

#46 Rudolph and his (cardboard) friends

All Hallows Bow had their annual Christmas Fayre this past Saturday, and Colin and I were running a couple of stalls – partly to sell some Sweet Notions wares, partly to make some spare room in the spare room.

We didn’t make enough to retire on, but we did have a lot of fun and ate a lot of Christmassy cupcakes.522623_10152288841475136_2095414655_nHere’s my favourite selling off some SN jewellery donations. What a champ! You can just see some silk scarf recovered lampshades in the background, plus my book page bunting.

There’s always a “Santa’s grotto” at the fayre, and this year we were on decorating duty. With some helpers, donated decos, and dark chocolate digestives, here’s what we ended up with: Continue reading