#90 Gatsby-inspired Nails

Have you been to see The Great Gatsby? What did you think??

The Great Gatsby (2013) Poster

I wouldn’t say Daisy Buchanan is my role model for most areas of life, although she does have style! I’m sure today’s post wouldn’t quite be up to her standards, but I had fun trying….

If you search on Pinterest for “gatsby nails”, you can find some pretty epic styles: Continue reading


#88 Herringbone Nails

Another week, another blurry picture of my nails!

After last week’s Chevron action, I wanted to try out my metallic sharpies and so decided on a mint and gold herringbone design. Simple enough: paint nails, draw on them!

Phonto (1) Continue reading

#71 DIY Hair Treatment

A DIY treatment that “restores a healthy shine back to your mane” using only three kitchen ingredients? Yes, please and thank you! I have pretty thin, dry-ish hair so I am a sucker for anything that promises shine, and uses the word ‘mane’, in the hope that I’ll look like ZD by the end of it…

zooey deschanel

Ruth found a simple pin that suggested mixing together honey, olive oil, and egg to make a hair mask, so the other week we gave it a go: Continue reading

#60 Quick waves for straight laced girls

H & I have naturally thin and quite straight hair, and since I feel like I’ve lost a large percentage of my already pretty meager hair volume post baby (thanks hormones) I’m always up for some wave injecting ideas, but normally don’t have the time or inspiration.

Saw this post on pinterest: twist hair and run over with hot straighteners, couldn’t be easier right?265149496781983656_QLodaRF0_c Continue reading

#56 Christmas nails!

I never did accomplish those elusive snowflake nails in the end – they looked more like asterisks….!

But I did conquer the taped triangles, which I’d tried before but ended up with more polish on the tape than on my nails :S

Here’s the tutorial I used from Pinterest:

171981279490530083_TgvVFrDI_cIt’s a simple enough concept: Paint your nails one colour, once dry create a triangle on the tip using tape, and then paint on a contrasting colour. As you can see, I switched the colours over for the other hand. Tres happy with the result, although maybe in future I’ll downsize the triangles a lil. Continue reading

Spots + Dots

Been a quiet few days on Twinterest. What with Florence going through a moody teenager phase (at the grand old age of 8.5 months) and me being constantly nauseous/migrainey for the last week, blogging hasn’t really been a priority…

But I’d thought I post this pic from last week  – we spent some time with our friend Jenn (she of the tie dye nails); eating sushi, solving the world’s relational problems, stitching Christmas pressies, and getting spotty:. Continue reading

Guest Pinnage – Nailed it! Tie Dye + Polkas

Remember that time I attempted the Tie Dye nails pin, and ended up looking like I’d had some horrible blender incident??Oh dear.

Well our super great friend Jennifer sent me her, er, rather more successful interpretation of Tie Dye nails. Not only is she good at actually taping her nails to  avoid the attractive look above, she’s also awesome at putting photos together in a little 4 step montage! Continue reading