#84 DIY Spray Paint Doormat

One of the first pins I ever, erm, pinned was a pimped up door mat. We have one of those bog standard coir door mats, and this seemed like a fun way to customise it:

All of the instructions can be found here at Adventureland, but essentially you cut out a stencil, and spray! Today I finally decided to try this out, so first I printed out the text to make a wee stencil: Continue reading


#82 Polka Dot Wall

So, I have a bit of an addiction to A Beautiful Mess – I really love the sisterly vibe they’ve got going on, and I seem to like almost everything they create/bake/wear/do! A little while ago they posted this great DIY stencilled wall:

Horse wall made with stencils!

…and I was a little bit in love. Fair enough, Colin didn’t want horses/anchors/arrows on the wall, but I managed to convince him that circles could work! Continue reading

Plethora of Paper Art + Craft

Sian, of the Autumn Leaves and Crayon Art guest posts, has been at it again. This woman is an arty, crafty queen!

I have a tonne of cool pics to share from her craft club posse, but in the meantime, here’s some of her super cute art made with sheet music and some good ol’ buttons:I know some people think it’s sacrilege to use old book pages or sheet music for art/craft projects. Sure, it’d be a crime to pilfer some in-use pages for a crafty little number, but otherwise unloved music and books can find a great new lease of life, and be enjoyed all over again, reincarnated as a creative project.

Wanna make some paper art + craft of your own? Here are a few ideas from Pinterest to get your thinking caps thinking: Continue reading

#62 Worldy Watercolours

Banner for the Honours '08 Exhibit: Inspiration is EverywhereI’m happy to admit I’m not always very original. I get creative ideas from all sorts of places and on cold January evenings when Colin’s at work til late, one of those places is often Pinterest. Today’s post is about a cute pin I saw and liked enough to run with, but I consider it’s still original to me – I had to get off my bum in real life and make it happen!

Here’s the pin I came across:

see the world Continue reading

#51 Modge Podge-ing it up

Happy Christmas!!!! We hope you all had a blessed day on the 25th ^_^

We have lots of crafted present posts to share with you all soon, but in the meantime, here’s some of Ruth’s pre-Christmas handiwork. If you would like to share any homemade pressies on Twinterest (given or received!), please email us at hellotwinterest@gmail.com – we’d love to see ’em!

— H+R xx —

What is this modge podge business? Every second pinterest craft tutorial tells you to get your modge podge at the ready, maybe it’s an American thing but we hadn’t heard of it until recently  until we became obsessed with Pinterest.

119134352613193930_XZKy54WW_c 155796468330319203_QRSg74pv_c{Those 26 tutorials can be found here} Continue reading

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#48 Embroidery hoop art

This has been a long time in the posting- I started a little project for Florrie’s room back in October and have finally put them up on her wall.

My inspiration was the Beatles song G sings to her when he’s getting her ready for bed, and a whole lot of embroidery hoop cuteness via pinterest:209910032602154109_Q1F9PH0H_c Continue reading

#43 Christmas Book Trees

A couple of months ago I went to an out-of-London car boot sale (read: a cheap one!) and got all sorts of bargains. Because we were there at the end of the morning, a couple of sellers were giving things away free so that they didn’t have to take them home….whoop! I got a free lil Christmas tree, but also a big stack of old books.

Now some people may feel it’s sacrilege to chop up old books for craft, but I was never going to read these particular books (“Hemphill Minor, anyone?”), so decided it was ok.

So far I’ve managed to….

– cover my uni folder:

– leave propaganda around the house to remind Colin why we’re married: Continue reading

#38 Quick cards- the paint chip strikes again

Our love affair with paint chip cards continues! Here are some quick cards of mine inspired by pinterest-


I’m loving having a stash of cards ready for special occasions,the heart one could do for just about any event (except maybe a not-romantically-linked-to-yourself males birthday?!), and you could make up some of the name cards (without the name obvs!) ready to write on a name or occasions- nothing says “Happy Retirement” like ombre! Continue reading

#35 Paperchase it ain’t

Leading up to the present-wrapping-lovers highlight of the year that is Christmas, I thought I’d try my hand at some pinteresting paper decorating techniques. Here are some pins to get us warmed up:

Think I’m going to do that last one this year dear family.

So here are the pins that inspired my kitchen based project: doily paint bag, potato and celery stamper Continue reading

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