About us

Pinterest is a wonderful thing. Full of ideas to ohhh over, and maybe think about making – if you ever get around to it. But then, the rainy day never comes, and pinterest becomes little more than a photo album of things other people have made/done/worn/crafted/tried.

Well, we’ve decided to stop pinning and start making. For the next 52 weeks, we’ll be trying to make as many of our pins as we can, posting and piccing them as we go along. They may not be perfect, but by golly they’ll be made!

Who are we? We’re two sisters – Ruth and Holly, plus one very cute baby sidekick, Florence. We live in London with our hubbies. We love to sew, bake and make, and we want to do those things in real life, not just on pinterest!

If you also use Pinterest and want to share some of the things you’ve made, please email us (hellotwinterest@gmail.com)! We’d love to see what you’ve been crafting! xx


4 thoughts on “About us

  1. I can’t be bothered with pinterest, but I think I can be bothered with this blog- real life craft made by real live people… And one of them with a baby no less! Knitting seems to be all u have time for at the mo but I’m looking forward to seeing what you ladies come up with. Ok, go! :)

  2. great idea Ruth. I love pinterest too! recently i found some great kids party stuff and actually tried out some of the ideas with some success. I quite like the wall hearts and i think i could do that, unlike the cooking or the crocheting. :) I’ll let you know if it comes about! x Renee

  3. Holly (and Ruth, though I think I have only met you once or twice), you truely inspire me! I love the down to earth way in which you decribe your creative endeavours, I guess the Kiwi in me appeciates it. I am going to try the nails next time I have time enough to attempt to paint my nails (2 under 2 year olds doesn’t leave much me time) and I am definitely going to try the cute headband for my baby Rosie. Oh and I make my upside down cakes in a loaf tin and serve them cold in slices – I’m not much for hot cakes either.
    I look forward to seeing more of both of your creations and hopefully will share with you a few of mine as I have 3 months of evenings to fill while hubby is away for work! Toni xx

  4. Thanks Toni!! Great idea about the loaf tin – will have to try that :) Just had a wee look on fb – both Aidan and Rosie are so gorgeous! Not surprised with you as their Mum… Please do share any of your crafty adventures, and defo gives the nails ago – takes two ticks! Holly xx

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