#93 Crochet Convert / Knitting Nana

I’m pretty excited to announce that I, Holly, am now a convert to the art of crochet! I’ve always been in awe of the crochet wonders produced around me. I mean, check out some of Ruth’s past beauties:

Too cute, eh??

I’ve always been a bit of an ignoramous about crochet. I mean, what even is it?? All I knew what that it used one hook thing instead of two knitting needles. (If you wanna know the difference, this will reveal all)

Well last week I was feeling decidedly rough, and my self-imposed TLC was craft. Along with my map table and sprayed tins, I also thought I’d attempt my first ever crochet pattern. The latest Mollie Makes issue included a cute wee kit set, so that just sealed the deal.

On Thursday evening I set myself up outside with a drink, citronella candle, music, and le crochet – bliss! Even with instructions it took me a few goes to get  right, but I love how easy it is to pull apart and start again if you do make a mistake ^_^ SO enjoyed my little hair bow and brooch project!

.Saw this beauty on Pinterest from Diary of a Creative Fanatic – totally my next project:

Too ambitious? Maybe this one is a better diving board:

Mumma Twinterest has also been hard at work with the needles – here is her latest creation, a basket stitch reversible cushion:


Hope it’s a great week! Holly x


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