#92 Spray-painted Tins

A few months ago Col and I had a wee bit of a mouse problem here at our house. Now, I can’t blame the mice really – it was warm indoors, there are no cats to contend with, and these home-owners had dutifully left various foodstuffs unprotected in the cupboard. In fact, the lucky mice managed to work through approx 10 mini bags of crisps before we knew we had a problem!! (Shows how often I clean the back of the pantry, and how often we (don’t) eat crisps!)

Anywho, our mini infestation had me wiping every surface and putting any food box, bag or packet which could be nibbled through into an impenetrable container. We happened to have a bunch of tupperware, and I found a couple of cute containers at charity shops, but some things ended up in old biscuit/chocolate tins, “bags for life”, and in non-kitchen rooms (do I buy too much food?!)

Now it’s all very well and good having museli bars in a Roses tin, or crackers disguised as Quality Street, but I just thought they looked naff and there numerous incidents of disappointed mistaken identity. I came across a pin at Christmas time which turns common-as-anything biscuit/chocolate tins into too-cute storage or gift tins, so decided to give it a go:

Now, the link to this original pin is broken, so I’m not sure who to credit for this “why didn’t I think of that?!” idea, but don’t they look great – be so fab filled with a Christmas time treat!

My attempt didn’t turn out anything like those beauties, but at very least I thought I could spraypaint away my desire for chocolate everytime I open the cupboard!! I had two tins to spraypaint but, being the stinge I am, I didn’t want to go buy more spraypaint, so had the choice of black or gold. Black from my door mat adventure, Gold from spray-painting this little Pentecost display:

I decided Black was a little too dark for my already dark pantry, so Gold it was!

Here’s my Roses tin before and in process:.

(I love that the spray paint is called “Hardcore 2”. This has to be the least hardcore thing, ever)

Once the spraypaint had dried, I decided that a) I couldn’t be bothered/didn’t have time to do any fan-dangled ¬†decorations, and b) it looked like a giant gold-medal. Weeeell, we’re a tad obsessed by the Olympics around here, so I thought, why not just go with it? So here is my Roses tin, turned Olympic-inspired Snack Tin:export (15)

(Maybs in future I’ll fill it with World Class Homemade Snacks, but for now Col loves a Medley!)

I also sprayed a Quality Street tin, and then did some herringbone doodles around the outside with a trusty Sharpie. Here they are in situ:
.As I took that photo I was thinking about a pantry revamp in general – that may be one for a future post! Here’s some pinspiration:

I like the paper lining! (Domestic Imperfection)

Ooh, and that one! (Imperfect Homemaking)

Ahh, imagine that…! (My Design Chic)

Holly x


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