#91 Map Side Table

Oopsy – been a couple of weeks since our last post. Time is flying at the moment!! We both have special projects on the go right now, so the blog has been neglected a little. But hey, that’s the way it’s supposed to be: real life first, blogosphere second ^_^

I’m very excited to say that I’ve been a tad pre-occupied because I’m in process of opening a SHOP! It’s feels a little scary real to be talking about it with people, but it’s happening fo’ real! The shop will be a recycle boutique, specialising in super lovely maternity wear. Plan is to open in the Autumn! Turns out starting a business is hard work, so not much time for crafting at the mo, but I suppose I have had a whole year of flexibility to do that, so I can’t complain…

Here’s some of my stock, waiting patiently for lovely new homes later this year:

In saying all of that though, today I had a little time up my sleeve due to a couple of cancellations, and I’ve been a little under the weather, so thought I’d cheer myself up with something creative…

Over the weekend we were in Margate with the fam, and visited a couple of suuuper vintagey, retro shops. Big sis Rose and I spied a loverly map-covered side table (£65!), and I vowed to attempt one myself with some trusty mod podge once I got home.

Where we stayed in sunny Margate:


Now you guys know I can’t say no to some road-side furniture, and so I happened to have a side table at home that needed some TLC. My lovely friend Caroline had kindly given me a bundle of ordinance survey maps for crafting purposes, so add some mod podge and a paintbrush, and I was ready to rock:


Mod podge multi-tasks as both a glue and varnish, so first step was to coat the table top with “glue”. I then positioned the map where I wanted it (I chose the Isle of Wight, for the curious amongst you) and smoothed it down as best as I could.

Now, this is where I encountered a real rookie error. Paper + moisture = ripples… oh yeah, I hadn’t quite thought about that! If you are planning to try this for yourself, I would suggest you use a heavier/thicker material such as card, or even a poster. Paper is just too flimsy.

Anywho, I decided to perservere and told myself that; a) a ripply covered table is better than my non-covered table, b) you learn something new everyday, and c) no going back now!

I turned the table upside-down and wrapped the map around the edges of the table, gluing as I went. I then turned it back over and applied three layers of “varnish” everywhere, leaving about 20mins in between each coat. I used a gloss finish mod podge, which is a little more forgiving in my mind!

Here is my finished product:


And here it is in situ!


I’m well-pleased with the results, and it goes nicely in the guest room with my map bunting!

Holly x


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