#90 Gatsby-inspired Nails

Have you been to see The Great Gatsby? What did you think??

The Great Gatsby (2013) Poster

I wouldn’t say Daisy Buchanan is my role model for most areas of life, although she does have style! I’m sure today’s post wouldn’t quite be up to her standards, but I had fun trying….

If you search on Pinterest for “gatsby nails”, you can find some pretty epic styles:

My Gatsby-inpired nails are no where near as adventurous as these! I wanted to try a new nail technique, and thought my favourite mint and gold combo, with a little black and white thrown in, would make a great Gatsby-esque look. However I decided to  go for more simple triangle design with a slight nod to the 1920s, rather than the whole hog above – I’m not that good!

Here’s the Pin I saw recently, which uses painted scotch tape to create a design, rather than painting the design onto your nails directly (à la, my Christmas nails!):

Cool, huh? I don’t actually know where the original pin is from, as the link just took me to a tumblr account, but looked simple enough with all the steps laid out.


And the finished product!


If you’re thinking of trying this style, a couple of pointers:

– it takes a few coats of top coat to create a smooth surface over the tape, so don’t go crazy with the undercoat, otherwise you’ll have some very thick polish going on.

– as you can see on my thumb, the bigger the triangle, the more it will pucker as it tries to fit to the curvature of your nail. Stick with smaller shapes.

– it takes a little practice to get the tiny tape pieces onto your nail exactly where you want it, so make sure your undercoat is completely dry, otherwise = smudge-central.

Holly x


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