Guest Pinnage – Faye’s 30th Extravaganza!

Lots of guest posts slash not a lot of posts going on around here lately!! I’ve been a little pre-occupied with final exams for my Counselling course, and Ruth’s been tres busy as well, so the poor blog has been a little abandoned…

But, it’s more fun having lovely guest posts anyway, and today’s one is a doozy!!

Faye is the wonderful sister of the equally wonderful Leanne, and after I saw pics of her 30th bday party on fb I basically begged her to send me all the details – it looked so fab!!

So here are all the deets, as told by Faye. Photos by Leanne. Enjoy!

So we decided we wanted to do something a bit spesh for my 30th… a bit of a thank you for coming sort of thing. Ah heck who am I trying to kid, as much as I appreciated everyone coming, I really just wanted a good excuse to get crafting and it seemed like a bloody good one!

I’m an avid Pinterest fan (and of course Twinterest fan, ahem, note book bunting/cake labels). In fact I SO wish I could get married again, post Pinterest (thankfully still to the same man :)). I loved my wedding, but the ideas around now are just ace and of late most of my Pinterest tasks have been child/baby related (which I love), but you know it’s nice to take the Mum hat off every now and again 

I, of course, enlisted the help of my big sis Lannie – I’d have been daft not too. My ideas were a bit all over the place, so she helped stream line them for me. We ended up going with was pink, silver candy stripe and brown twine and we added in some blackboard signs for the mimosa bar for good measures.

I heart blackboard paint spray – we used this for the Mimosa Bar sign and the bottle flavour signs (both written by Lannie). We hung the bottle signs with brown twine (that my husband had purchased in the poundshop – 4 rolls for a £1 to tie the bin bags with – the dustmen must think we are very chic! ha ha!).

I also used the same twine to hang the book bunting and kind of just blagged it with the jars, I couldn’t get all the sticky labels off (best way I’ve found is to soak in hot soapy water, then scrub with steel wool! Hx) so I had to pretty much cover the whole things with something to hide the remaining glue/original wrapper – I decided to just spin the twine round it and added some skirting lace with my trusty glue gun and a button on the front. We used these for spoon holders/just general decoration.

The bottles for the juices were £2.50 bargains from IKEA. We used proseco instead of champagne, the general consensus on the net is that it’s an outrage to mix good champagne with fruit juice (and who am I to argue on prices!) and we went with pomegranet, mango and pink grapefruit for the flavours. We bunged in a candy stripe straw and a cocktail stick with fruit on and there we had our pretty looking Mimosa bar (okay so we were stretching it on the ‘bar’ factor, but the idea was cute). I ended up balancing the fruit sticks over the lip of the glasses as I didn’t want the berry juice to bleed into the paper straws whilst we were out for lunch. I think the effect was pretty cool though.

A little gem of info that it seems not many people know about, it that you can hire glasses for free from Sainsburys. You just put down a £20 refundable deposit – and you get 35 champagne glasses (and even if any get broken, it’s only £1 per glass breakage fee and you still get your £20 back). Check it out

Wooden Spoons – I masking taped the lot and used an old tester pot of pastel pink paint we had. I then used my ink printer stampers to adorn with the words yum! cake! and enjoy! – but couldn’t be bothered to do each letter separately so specifically chose words that didn’t have repeat letters in, and just held the letters together and stamped down the rows. Doing it in such a slap dash fashion did result in some transfer on the stamps other than just the letters – but in some ways I don’t think the theme needed for them to be overly slick so it still worked. (Leanne and I would call this slap dash approach “rustic”, Faye – it’s all part of the look! Hx)

On the menu:

Cakepops (dairy/soya free and regular ones)
Peppermint Creams
Strawberry Creams
Coconut Ice
White Chocolate Berry Cheesecake (possibly the most impressive, yet easy recipe on the planet!)
Marmelade cake (made by Lannie)
Speculoos Pretzel bites (AMAZE!!)

Additional decorations were obviously the book page bunting… as copied from Twinterest, although I’m terrible at doing things like that freehand so instead I logged onto website, found a font I liked, demo typed the words I wanted and then maximised both the font on the website and zoomed in my computer screen (ctrl and – or + buttons) and used my laptop screen like a light box and traced away!

Trusty tissue paper pom poms adorned the top shelf (even last minute brown tissue paper ones which a gift had come wrapped in :)) and it was all done.

The cake tags were also done by Lannie’s fair hands and the style copied from your wedding cake tags.

Oh and lastly the pic and mix, I ordered some plastic victorian style sweetie jars from ebay and filled them with pic n mix – simples. Hanging on the door below were silver/white candy stripe paper bags that I had rehung on the brown twine used previously – these went down a storm, and most family/friends left with a bag full of sweets.

Thaaaanks Faye!! All your crafty work paid off – looked fab, and pleased you had an amazing bday celebration!

Holly x


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