Guest Pinnage – Sian’s Craft Club!

Col and I are off to Ireland this weekend for a wedding, and a belated wedding anniversary break – yippeee! I’m pretty excited because; a) I love Ireland x1mil, b) a great couple are getting married and marriage is awesome, and c) we get to see some fab people, including the lovely Sian!

Sian has kindly shared lots of her craftiness on the blog since we started it last year, and I have been collecting photos of her super cool Craft Club to share with you peeps. So in celebration of seeing her this weekend, today’s post is an ode to the awesomeness that is their craft club!! Here we go…

Craft Club #1

Washer necklaces, Cut wine bottles, bubble art, and a very cool cut-out map

Map cut-outs: How amazeballs/patience-needing does that look?!  Sian: “Jon was doing some art by cutting out between roads on the map (he’d printed google map onto a3 card)…think that was Paris. They look well cool when they are finished, backed and mounted.”

Wine bottle glasses“The bottle cutting wasn’t easy! To cut some wine bottles, we gave the nail varnish remover drenched string, fire and ice cold water trick a go.  Most didn’t work but we’ve discovered a better method since – you score the bottle with a tile cutter, heat the scored line over an candle, and then put it under cold running water. Much better success rate!”

Craft Club #2 – A Christmas Special:

Jumper mittensChristmas ornaments

Craft Club #3 – A Wedding Special:

Heart GarlandTwine wrapped bottlesFrosted jars, and some kinda amazing silhouette cut out!!

Craft Club #4

No sew t-shirt tote bagrecord bowl and sharpie mugs.

I wished I lived in Surrey so I could be part of this crafty gang…looking forward to living vicariously through pics of Craft Club #5! Thanks Sian – see you soooooon!!

We LOVE crafty clubs/gangs/groups/posses – if you get together and craft with pals, please send us pics!!

Holly x


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