#88 Herringbone Nails

Another week, another blurry picture of my nails!

After last week’s Chevron action, I wanted to try out my metallic sharpies and so decided on a mint and gold herringbone design. Simple enough: paint nails, draw on them!

Phonto (1)

Like I said in my last nails post, you mustmustmust use a top coat, otherwise your lovely sharpieness will wash away at the first opportunity! My left hand turned out significantly better than my right hand, but this was so easy and obvs the possibilities are pretty much endless! Here are some other sharpie ideas from Pinterest:

(Love The Beauty Department!)

Love those dainty dots – think I’ll try that next!

Anyone else been rocking any funky nails recently? I know I’ve said it before, but I never thought I’d be into nails…too fussy, time consuming, etc, but I am loving it these days. For me it’s just another creative outlet, and the 15-20 mins it takes makes me feel all fun all week!

Holly x


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