#86 Drink Drip Catcher-er

Or whatever you call one of these:

Yip, totally first world problem alert! What do you do if you have a large drinks dispenser which releases a irritating drip or two after you’re poured a drink??

Well, this chump wasn’t going to scrub no sticky floors, so for our recent anniversary shin-dig, I created my own drip catcher-er! I saw the idea first on Pinterest, but why would you buy something new like in the pic above, when you can make one for free by upcycling your recycling?? As you can see from the elementary design, I just hacked at an empty soft drink bottle:

IMAG1754(Not much Pimms left!!)

Worked a treat!! (Except for when I bashed into it later on and the by-then significant drippage splashed on the floor…so I had to scrub it anyway!!) I’m going to make a version 2.0 for next time we rock the drink dispenser, as I didn’t make this one tall enough. It was a little awkward getting a large glass under the tap, but now I know for next time!

As a related aside, I love our drinks dispenser!! It’s from Jamie Oliver (via John Lewis) and has already done duty at several bashes so far. Worth the investment!

(Florence’s first birthday party and Rose’s kitchen tea)

Holly x


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