#85 Chevron Nails

I love me a good chevron! 033__7008840

(Our wedding cake ^_^)

Maybe too much..?!

I’ve seen some really nice chevron nail designs on pinterest, but always shied away from them as my attempts at nail tape have not ended so well!

I saw some nail pens in Boots recently though, and decided that drawing on my nails was the easy way to try the chevron look for myself! But, being the stinge that I am, a sharpie would have to do, and so here is my take on the chevron look – half + half nails with accent of le sharpie:export (3)(Sozzle for the blursville pics – I actually intended to take better photos later in the day but had a little run in with the spraypaint can doing the door mat, and so had to strip my nails (and most of the skin off my hands!))

All I did was paint half teal/half navy on each nail, then once it was good and dry, I simply drew some diag lines. I then left the sharpie to dry, like a couple of hours dry, to make sure it wouldn’t smudge when I applied my top coat. You must apply a top coat after the sharpie step – it might have 100 + 1 craft uses, but the humble sharpie will not appreciate washing the dishes or having a shower, so use a top coat!

I’m now a little obsessed with how easy this is. I bought some metallic sharpies recently, so might give those an outing next!

Holly x


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