#84 DIY Spray Paint Doormat

One of the first pins I ever, erm, pinned was a pimped up door mat. We have one of those bog standard coir door mats, and this seemed like a fun way to customise it:

All of the instructions can be found here at Adventureland, but essentially you cut out a stencil, and spray! Today I finally decided to try this out, so first I printed out the text to make a wee stencil:


I then placed it on ye olde door mat, used some handy stones from the garden to weigh it down, covered the rest of the mat with newspaper, and sprayed away:

export (1)

Now, the smart gal at Adventureland wisely suggested using tacking spray to temporarily stick the stencil the mat. You get a cleaner finish, and avoid any travelling from the spray….well, as you know from some of my other posts, I’m nothing if not lazy, so I skipped that step. It does mean that my finished product could defo be neater, but I kinda like the rough around the edges (literally) look!

What do you think?IMAG1749-1 export (2)

Home Sweet Home!

Holly x


4 thoughts on “#84 DIY Spray Paint Doormat

  1. I think I might have to pinch this idea! We have one of those horrible doormats made of strips of recycled car tyres, so ugly! I have been wanting a new one for ages but anything more than the most basic plain one is so expensive.

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