#82 Polka Dot Wall

So, I have a bit of an addiction to A Beautiful Mess – I really love the sisterly vibe they’ve got going on, and I seem to like almost everything they create/bake/wear/do! A little while ago they posted this great DIY stencilled wall:

Horse wall made with stencils!

…and I was a little bit in love. Fair enough, Colin didn’t want horses/anchors/arrows on the wall, but I managed to convince him that circles could work!

When I first moved into the house our stairwell was kept plain with the idea we’d fill it with framed photos, although almost a year later and that still hasn’t happened yet. The wall is nice and high but looked so uninspiring, so I decided that this was the perfect locale for some polka dots:IMAG1672

I thought gold could work well with the existing wall colour, and a foil finish would (hopefully) look nice with the light coming through, so hunted around for some gold foil wall paint. But after about, oh, two minutes I realised I didn’t want to be up a ladder trying the paint perfect circles, so found some wall decal stickers on ebay instead. Yes please for less than £10 for the entire job with plenty to spare!IMAG1674 exportI think the whole thing took me about an hour and a half to do (including enlisting Colin’s height services for the highest ones!) I used a 30cm ruler to space out the dots and a spirit level to keep them in line (ish). My style of DIY is not quite slap-dash, but not exactly Type-A, so I’m pleased with the not-perfect end result and saved myself hours of meticulously measuring them all out in the process!

If you like the spotty look, here are some similar ideas from Pinterest:

If you want to try something similar, you could use a stencil à la the lil house that could

or just go for something sticky like me, and Making Our Dream (via Project Nursery)

And in other news, look who’s climbing the stairs like a champ these days?IMAG1680

Holly x


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