#81 “Earth” Nails

Col and I are off to a wedding this weekend (of a FAB couple! Seriously, well excited for this…) and I’m planning to team a black dress with some colourful accessories. As always with me, turquoise has weaseled it’s way into the outfit so I thought I’d do my nails to match, and was going to replicate the turquoise and gold stone nails


… but I wanted a greater contrast between the base colour and gold, so decided to go for a darker blue:IMAG1640-1-1 (1)

As with the Turquoise and Gold stone method, you first paint on a clear base coat. Check. Then a coat or two of your base colour (I used two coats of the blue above). Check. Once that’s good and dry, scrunch up a little section of a plastic bag, and paint on some of your accent colour. You then dab it onto each nail – the more you dab, the more gold you’ll get!

I think they look a bit like Earth nails! (If you squint a bit…) What do you think?

PhontoI feel like Ms Frizzle – I love it!

Holly x


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