Plethora of Paper Art + Craft

Sian, of the Autumn Leaves and Crayon Art guest posts, has been at it again. This woman is an arty, crafty queen!

I have a tonne of cool pics to share from her craft club posse, but in the meantime, here’s some of her super cute art made with sheet music and some good ol’ buttons:I know some people think it’s sacrilege to use old book pages or sheet music for art/craft projects. Sure, it’d be a crime to pilfer some in-use pages for a crafty little number, but otherwise unloved music and books can find a great new lease of life, and be enjoyed all over again, reincarnated as a creative project.

Wanna make some paper art + craft of your own? Here are a few ideas from Pinterest to get your thinking caps thinking:

Upcycled Sheet Music CraftsYou know I love me some refurbed furniture! The possibilities are endless with a bench like this and some mod podge…I’m hoping to cover a similar sized side table with old maps. Watch this space!Pinned Image

Ca-ute Christmas deco idea!

Pinned Image

Lots of ideas about for similar canvases. How-to tute for a similar project on A Beautiful Mess.

Pinned ImageLove a good wreath! (Remember Sarah’s er-mazing doily wreath?!) I found this great site with tutorials for a tonne of different wreaths, including the scrolled paper look above.

Pinned Image

More simple but lovely paper craft. I’m such a fan of a good gallery wall!

I love paper craft – there’s so much you can do with it! Here are a few other things Ruth and I have done with old sheet music and book pages:

My Christmas book trees are hibernating with their other festive friends at the mo, but that framed book page art is still going strong on the mantle!

Even the simplest or silliest doodles look cuter written on an old book page:

Love this Autumnal leaves string Ruth did for their hearth last year…


And this cute heart art for their bedroom.


One of my fave and easiest crafts with book pages/sheet music is some good old bunting! Paper, a hole punch, sharpie and some string and you’re away laughing!

The one above was the one I made for Rose’s kitchen tea, and she liked it so much she used it to decorate the bridal table. I was pleased as punch!

I also did up some heart bunting like the one above. Supes easy, just cut out a billion hearts and run them through the sewing machine.

And taking it waaay back to post #1, obsession with print can even extend to your nails. I still love doing newspaper nails, many blog posts later ^_^

Have you done any craft from recycled paper lately? Love to see your pics if so!

Holly x


One thought on “Plethora of Paper Art + Craft

  1. : )

    Found the old music book in a charity shop. It’s good to give it a second life I think. Wonder what I can use the other pages for… Might give some of hear suggestions a go!

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