#80 Jumper to Cardigan DIY

I know the other day I said you can never have enough coasters, but what I really think you can never have enough of are cardigans! Seriously, they go with almost anything, can be dressed up or down, are perfect for changeable weather conditions (aka, UK weather!), and they’re just plain old cute.

I’ve seen a tonne of jumper to cardigan DIYs on Pinterest and elsewhere online, so I was excited to help our friend Jenn turn a slightly oddly shaped jumper into a better shaped cardigan!


See how it’s all shorty at the front, party at the back?!

This is a pretty straight forward DIY, although the results will differ greatly depending on the fabric of the jumper. As this was a thin cotton, I decided to bring in the reinforcements with a little hemming tape, but a thicker knit may not need any.

Here’s what we did to revamp Jennifer’s jumper into a cardigan…

First we measured the jumper across to find half way exactly, and then cut a straight line down. Easy enough! I then ironed over an edge along both sides:


As the fabric was so thin, I decided to reinforce it with hemming web, so folded the edge over again to enclose the web, and then ironed again:
IMAG1622Then, just a straight seam on both sides, catching the small inside edge to (try and) keep things nice and neat!

IMAG1623Jenn isn’t planning to wear the cardigan buttoned up, so I didn’t bother with button holes, but she sewed on some black buttons just for the cuteness factor.

The end result:IMAG1625

There are lots of cute cardy ideas on Pinterest, so here are just a few:

from Sew Caroline

from Erica Makes Stuff

Love this grey marl sweater diy, as seen on a pair & a spare.

Anyone else tried a sweater/jumper/cardigan diy?? Love to hear if you have!

Holly x


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