#78 Revamped Coasters

We’re baaaack! Well, at least I am! Ruth is still away with her wee fam, but Col and I are back from a very spewy and sporty holiday. Such fun!

View from our apartment in Paris. We used airbnb – highly recommended!!

I’ve got a lil Christmas pressie post to share this afternoon. Can’t believe it’s taken so long to do a write up on it, but c’est la vie!

Coasters! Can you have enough? Here’s some cuties I’ve seen hanging about on Pinterest:

from fellow fellow

Love those map ones! Fun idea to do after various hols. All the tutes on these six via Home Stories A to Z

I decided to revamp some rather sad coasters for my sis’s in law for Christmas. If you want to do some similar you’ll need some coasters, glue, some kind of mod podge or vanish, paintbrush, craft knife or blade wheel, drying rack…think that’s it!


I started by coating the orig coasters with a generous amount of glue, esp in the corners to prevent any lifting:


I then smoothed over some fabric and cut as neatly as I could, as close to the edges as I could!IMAG1217

So far, so simple. I then just did a bazillion layers of mod podge, allowing 20-30mins drying time between each layer, until the coasters were smooth and shiny. I put extra dollops where the fabric and coasters meet to make sure everything stayed stuck, but also to create nice and smooth edges.



And there you have it! I was really pleased with how they came out. If you recognise the fabric, I also made some pot-holders with it – came in very handy!!

Before I say au revior – look at this beauty I saw at our local treasure trove of a 2nd hand shop. IMAG1610Wish it would fit into our kitchen, only £200!!! BARGAIN.

Holly x


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