Guest Pinnage – Leanne’s adorbs Named T’s

Happy birthday to Florence! One third of Twinterest (although tbh she’s been a bit slack on the posts front…) To celebrate her day of birth, here’s a Florrie inspired craft from the lovely Leanne:
(Florence’s t was made by the very wonderful Oh!Me in NZ)
Leanne said: “I made these t-shirts for my two nieces after seeing a similar one modeled by Little Miss Twinterest herself.  I did these two t-shirts, back and front, all in the time it took me to watch The Office Christmas Specials
(2 hours).”
DSC_1761 What you need:
1. Plain t-shirts (harder to find than you’d think!  Next ended up supplying the goods.
2. Contrasting material for the words
3. Heat n Bond (I stumbled across this stuff in Hobbycraft, lured in by its ‘no-sew’ claims… it’s amazing!)
(Also an iron, a computer and printer, scissors, some patience with the cutting out.)
How to do it:
1. Write out and flip your chosen words on a computer, and print them out.  (Words need to be in mirror image so that they’re the right way round when you turn them over… you don’t need a fancy programme to do this… just get the word the size you want in Word, take a screen shot of it, and then copy it into Paint where you can flip it!
2. Trace words onto the Heat n Bond.  (I started off by trying to print it straight onto the Heat n Bond but it came out all smudgy… you can easily see through the Heat n Bond to trace the words so stick with that.)
3. Iron the Heat n Bond onto your material.
4. Cut out the words.  I was a bit nervous about cutting the material because I don’t have any proper fabric scissors, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that once the Heat n Bond is ironed on, it feels more like cutting card than fabric.  I actually used nail scissors (!) which were great for the faffy corners.
5. Turn over, and iron on to your t-shirt.  

DSC_1762Et voila! Both t-shirts were placed in situ the morning of these photos being taken, however 12-week-old Lil’ Sis was promptly sick on hers and had to be changed!DSC_1833 DSC_1900
Thanks Leanne! Love those adorable nieces of yours ^_^
Holly x

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