#76 Deconstructed Salads

Speaking of no-fuss food…I thought I was so clever thinking up a new way to present a salad last weekend for friends (along with my favourite dried tomato and Parmesan bread recipe):DSC_1217

Turns out everyone on Pinterest is deconstructing food these days! e24336fa92d37bb9c5cf4a5757153ebbYou know once Martha’s doing it, everyone’s gonna be on board!4f29297e967ab15a7501a5025b5ef7e6

Love the tacos!57c78a559d56f5dcb86c9d009174ffbf e446cfe1c4f3ecba0907eb52c786b1b3

Not so sure about the decon chocolate cake….c03146d877a3cb207f4444a2f070d1e5I really like this deconstructured concept though – could make for some really fun food presentation…and also solve some fruit/cream/tomato sogginess issues when preparing in advance!



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