#75 Apple Croissants

We’re all about quick and easy pinterest food here this week! I saw this pin a long time ago and logged it away in the “Um, yes please” brain file but thinking I’d never make them – bake at home croissants aren’t exactly a common sight on our economy shopping list. But last week they were half price and I couldn’t resist (all in the name of the blog of course!) So here’s the pin- how easy right?!

68f761f1d6c050cdd9d0658a3251cb44I did half apple/cinnamon and half with a few squares of milk chocolate. More cinnamon required!! I think pear and dark chocolate could be a winning combo for next time. Do you think it matters I rolled mine from the other end?!


And the end products:DSC_1220

Another idea from pinterest:44054ce4548d8115c9575348f92e6156

And of course sweet Florence with her sweet breakfast.DSC_1223x R


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