#74 Tinned Tealights

I was keeping tin cans this time last year in case Holly needed them for her wedding (there was so much craftiness going on I didn’t want to throw anything away in case she had an idea to upcycle it!).

This idea was all over pinterest for making punched tealight holders, so dutifully I filled my unwanted cans with water and put them in my freezer…where they’ve been for 10 months! And where they most likely would have remained for another 10 months until my friend Anna reminded me that this project was worth getting my hands chilly for- see her golden syrup creations on her blog here.

Here is the original pin I saw:050229722d4b8ce41fb4596043f0feb7

You might be thinking do you really need the frozen water inside? You do!

After a bit of banging a lot of the ice had broken up, so towards the end the nail created both a hole and a dent in the can – looks much neater where the ice was solid underneath the impact of the nail- so don’t be lazy/impatient!

And now I must confess that I got my husband to do the nail holes, it’s super easy but I was being lazy and I know that even though he appears to be creatively non partisan, he loves a little craft dabble from time to time!

Our cans in action:DSC_1176I’m so stealing this pinterest idea next Christmas:3a4556454d7536aa92001ef175eec6f0Oh, and this one next Autumn:

027218b9141de2b41201405fbfb09d9ex Ruth


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