Guest Pinnage – Rebecca’s Birthday Board

Happy Monday! Another great guest post today from Rebecca, she of the lovely Christmas decorations. I really like this birthday board idea, especially as our already big family grows bigger!

From Rebecca: So it’s been awhile since I actioned anything on my Pinterest board, and my craft page only seems to be growing, so I thought I would tackle a big one…

(Who has that many grandchildren?!)

Most of my planning came from the tutorial on Sugar Bee craftsIt’s a bit difficult as far as crafts go, but if you can find the precut disks mentioned in the original blog, you’d save a lot of time (and not sand your fingers as much as I did). NB: required power tools!

I cut my own wood to an interesting shape with a skill saw, but you could have a strait piece like in the original blog which a hardware store would cut for you.

I made this one as a present for my sister and I wanted something purple to fit in my sisters home. So far it’s got birthdates from our side of the family tree, but is awaiting the other side. You can have as few or as many birthdates on it as you want. 

My main downpoints in this craft project is that I had to make my own wooden disks as it proved too difficult to buy them in NZ. And my poor fingers took a bit too much sanding, and now need some R&R. Apart from the power tools being a bit threatening for most, its not too hard a project – I would call it half a days work, plus paint dryng time. And you could cut a lot of that time if you found the precut disks.

Thanks so much for sending us the pics and your write-up, Rebecca! I think it looks so great – job well done!

Holly x


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