#72 You’ve got mail

My friend Oli had a great idea for a mums crafternoon- shoe box post boxes for our girls. Florence loves posting everything she can find into hers, I highly recommend this for a fun free toy to keep littlies entertained.

All you need is a shoe box, paper and glue. I used some stamps from my inherited stamp collection to decorate F’s envelopes (addressed to Grandma, Aunty Holly, and Oli’s little girl Annabelle).DSC_1118

Slippers Airmail!DSC_1116DSC_1122Too cute! x

After I made this I had a little squizz on pinterest  for similar postie crafts:e8d344d892876c84b4ec2f591d1fd1c9Here’s a link to tutorial similar to what Oli and I did:2620659cabcdd1592f7e19ad440c1572Love this idea of each family member having their own mailbox…just need some more kids!72b933c042eb181d2ab4c902d95b4047

And lastly, a squirrel of course!45badcb9de0c4bdb4b1e39e0a0780215

xx Ruth


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