#71 DIY Hair Treatment

A DIY treatment that “restores a healthy shine back to your mane” using only three kitchen ingredients? Yes, please and thank you! I have pretty thin, dry-ish hair so I am a sucker for anything that promises shine, and uses the word ‘mane’, in the hope that I’ll look like ZD by the end of it…

zooey deschanel

Ruth found a simple pin that suggested mixing together honey, olive oil, and egg to make a hair mask, so the other week we gave it a go:

IMAG1430-1The vital ingreds. Col and I got that honey in Tanzania, so there were some pretty intense smemories while we were attempting this pin!!

I’d say it’s defo easier to try this with someone to apply it for you. The mixture is pretty runny, so I hung my head over the sink while Ruth poured it on and rubbed it into the ends.

IMAG1433In progress…IMAG1435-1Hung out with a bag on my head (partly to help with drips, partly with the idea it would help it work better (?!)) for about 20 mins before jumping in the shower to wash it out, then dry my hair.


oh, you wanted an after photo? Too bad! To say my hair looked the same as before would be a overstatement – my hair was WORSE than before!

Not only was there no added shine, softness, vitality, etc (that I could tell, anyway!), I also still had honey in hair, even after two shampoos! Plus I’d also wasted a good egg that could have been poached…Quinoa Cakes with Poached EggsOne to try – Quinoa cakes and poached egg. Yumfest.

Oh well! Not the greatest success, but probs won’t stop me trying another home treatment in future. Plenty on Pinterest!

Anyone else tried a DIY hair treatment? Success??

Holly x


2 thoughts on “#71 DIY Hair Treatment

  1. I recently have been experimenting with hair stuff and…. I wash my hair with baking soda and condition with either Apple Cider Vinegar or Ecostore herbal conditioner. But the other day I tried henna in my hair and my hair feels flippin’ amazing! If you’re not keen to change hair colour just match the henna to your original hair colour. Other things to try are argan oil or moroccan oil.

    • Thanks, Caitrin! I really should look into henna…been dying my hair again recently with big bad store band hair dye and I like the idea of a more natural option…Hx

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