#69 Pat a cake, flat a cake

While doing some birthday cake research for Florence I can across this intriguing pin which promised lovely flat cakes:6c6a277c0d520f4f1069685fc0d6c836

You know when you’re baking a cake and it gets that annoying mound in the middle? Unless you’re decorating it to look like a ladybird, this is not normally a helpful shape for a cake to be.

Cake idea for next year Florrie?!


Anyway, the pinterest cake at the top led me to this lovely blog which explained how to create a nice flat topped cake. It appears you need a fancy schmancy cake wrap…or a wet towel!

I cut a long strip twice as wide as the height of my cake tin,DSC_1100

Drenched it in water and wrapped it around my cake tin:DSC_1101

It worked a treat! I was kinda worried about the towel catching fire though! The towel was bone dry when it came out and a little brown but I think I could happily use the same strip again for my next flat cake attempt. (You can also see in this pic that I secured the towel using a hair pin):DSC_1103

Ready to ice for valentine’s day! Finished photo here.DSC_1104Here’s an interesting online conversation about different oven temps etc which could also be what’s causing your cake to have a domed top St Paul’s would be envious of.



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