#68 Baby leg warmers/crawling knee protectors

This pin has been on my To Try board for a long time…but as F is no hurry to move, we haven’t had a need for knee protection in our lives to date.

How cute are these?f350b4ef3ee8a439068eb72424ca33f5

How easy are these?! All you need is a pair of socks- cut and sew as below:4dfa9e3c34b42c04b59de924437e780b

Instead of a pair of socks I actually had a pair of a adult leg warmers, courtesy of our latest clothes swap, to work with.DSC_1066

I made mine a little shorter in length as I intend her to wear these over leggings. When the weather is a little warmer, and she isn’t wearing trousers underneath, I’d like to make a longer stripey pair as per the top pic.

Here’s F in her new knee protectors all ready for crawling action (yeah right)!DSC_1074DSC_1082xRuth


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