#66 Kale chips

Florence and I have been a bit quiet on the crafting/blogging front of late. I’m in my second week at work (part time) after a super fun year of maternity leave, I think we’re both settling in ok!

Monday is now my housework and craft days (Friday is socialising/play date day!), and this week while F was having lunch I tried out an idea I’d seen both on pinterest and other health blogs- Kale chips- even Heidi Klum is making them!


Here are my kale chips prior to baking. Kale (washed) + a few sprays of vegetable oil + salt + pepper.DSC_1091

At first I baked these at a highish temperature as per this pinterest link, after only a few minutes I noticed the smell:DSC_1098

Tried it again at about gas mark 3 with much better results. These are pretty fragile when cooked so don’t even think about taking them anywhere in a bag as a snack for later, you’ll be left with kale crumbs!DSC_1099

Verdict:This was a super easy and pretty cheap snack but I wouldn’t make them again as even with flavouring the taste was just a bit weird for me. I guess the word “chips” in the title gave me high expectations for this pin, even though I’m a generally healthier than average eater I do have a pretty soft soft spot for chips. Despite the addition of oil and salt, Kale is still a thick curly spinach leaf basically so these are never going to be a pringles substitute sorry people!

F gave some a try too (non salted)!DSC_1096 DSC_1094 DSC_1092

x R


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