Guest Pinnage – Alex’s Jewellery Organizer

I love this project! Have been wanting to make one ever since Alex mentioned it to me, and I think the finished product looks great :) My favourite part about this post is that Alex found the original holder in a skip!

Here’s the idea from Instructables:

8+-+final.jpgAnd you can find the tutorial there as well :)

You basically (she says, not having made one!) take a wooden utensil holder, paint if needed, add screw hooks, and voila!!

Here’s Alex’s version:IMAG1263

Alex says: Turns out small hooks are hard to come buy/expensive so I used bigger ones. This meant Phil had to cut them short and use drills to put them in place so perhaps a bit trickier than I thought.

But, super useful and could be decorated in a hundred different ways :) A lot of my necklaces are too long as you can see so if I was going to buy a tray (I found this one in a skip) I’d try to buy a longer one.

I love it, and really need one! Keeping my eyes peeled for  a unloved utensil holder I can adopt…

Holly x


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