#64 The freebie refurbished bench!

You may have gathered that I like turning old junky stuff into old lessjunky stuff, and I seem to live in a great area for this hobby/lifestyle choice. One of the many, many reasons I louvre living in Tower Hamlets is that when people get rid of stuff, they often just leave it on the side of the road. Result!

Colin and I regularly come across abandoned treasures in need of adopting, and we’re pretty unashamed about collecting things off the street, so you can imagine my delight when I came across this sad but potential-filled lil beauty:

IMAG1358He was pretty grubby, but a quick wipe down and removal of the cover showed he was still in good knick.

I decided to use some of the free upholstery fabric that Ruth had scored from a friend who used to do window displays, and thought the base could do with a new lick of paint as well, so the other weekend when the weather was like this:IMAG1367Colin and I set to work!

First off – reupholstering. I decided this bad boy definitely needed two layers of fabric over the old cover; the seat was a tad stained, but smelt ok (yes, I smelt it!) so I figured it’d be fine as long as you couldn’t see the stains through the top layer. I just kind of freestyled the reupholstery: I cut an old sheet to fit, wrapped the cushion like a present, and got my trusty staple gun involved.

export (2)

There y’are. I realised at that point that I should have done the painting first to avoid getting any paint on my nice new fabric, but I was too impatient to crack on with the rest of the reupholstery stage, so completed that first before we got on with the base…

Colin sanded the old brown varnish off to prep the base, and then we did two layers of white wood paint (having wrapped my lovely newly reupholstered seat with an bin liner). Here’s my main man hard at work to see his wife’s refurbishing dreams become reality:

IMAG1407We then did two layers of a blue wall paint – it was an old tester pot of colour we’d been thinking about for the chimney breast in the lounge. Much too bright for a wall, but great for this project!

So, a few hours across a snowy weekend, and here’s the finished (free) product:

export (1)

Yay for people chucking things out! export (3)

Holly x


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