Guest Pinnage – Alex’s Sock Monkeys!

My super creative friend Alex has been busy with various craft projects over the last few months, so this is the first of a number of posts to share her efforts :)

Today is Sock Monkeys Sunday!

Here’s some Pinterest fodder on the subject:

Pier 1 Rainbow Sock Monkey on his new bike with Mini Rainbow Sock MonkeyKirk & Spock Sock Monkiessock monkeysHere’s the tutorial Alex used from Craft Passion:

Sock Monkey TutorialAnd here are Alex’s awesome monkeys!IMAG1012IMAG1000From Alex: These were great fun to make – Phil (Alex’s husband, below!) and my Grandad (the only recipients so far) have loved them. Took far longer to make than I thought although I guess I’ll keep getting quicker.

In my head I needed to buy the biggest socks I could but this just created long and lanky monkeys!
IMAG1010IMG_9929I think they look great! Thank for sending your pics across, Alex, and look forward to sharing your other crafty endeavours soon!!

Holly x


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