#62 Worldy Watercolours

Banner for the Honours '08 Exhibit: Inspiration is EverywhereI’m happy to admit I’m not always very original. I get creative ideas from all sorts of places and on cold January evenings when Colin’s at work til late, one of those places is often Pinterest. Today’s post is about a cute pin I saw and liked enough to run with, but I consider it’s still original to me – I had to get off my bum in real life and make it happen!

Here’s the pin I came across:

see the world

I really like the watercolour look to it, and since I acquired a set recently, I thought I’d give it a go. I’m no painter, and it’s never been a medium I’ve really been into, but I’m having fun dabbling around. I like the unprecise look, and it makes up for the fact I’m more enthusiasm than skill! ^_^

Here’s my version:

.I like it! I had that frame lying around sans glass, so it was nice to find a use for it too :)

IMAG1405So, thanks whoever came up with that original! The link only took me to someone else who’d reposted it, but whoever you are, thanks for the idea which now lives on our mantle, via my paintbrush!

Pinterest.The Pinterest motto?

Holly x


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