#60 Quick waves for straight laced girls

H & I have naturally thin and quite straight hair, and since I feel like I’ve lost a large percentage of my already pretty meager hair volume post baby (thanks hormones) I’m always up for some wave injecting ideas, but normally don’t have the time or inspiration.

Saw this post on pinterest: twist hair and run over with hot straighteners, couldn’t be easier right?265149496781983656_QLodaRF0_cWell, it was super easy and quick but gave me more of a permed vibe a la our mum in the 80’s rather than the beach babe wave I was hoping for.DSC_0954-002Looks like a work ID photo?! Also am trying to grow it out from a shoulder length bob- grow slow hair, grow! Other tutorials suggest looser twists which I’ll go for next time. Anyway I highly recommend giving this a go for quick waves- you can also twist then blowdry.


Maybe one day we should do a post about our (read: mostly your) various hair adventures over the years Hol?!

My dream hair!130956301636200201_ffbmvvXd_c


p.s At least F likes the crimped hair look!DSC_0971


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