#56 Christmas nails!

I never did accomplish those elusive snowflake nails in the end – they looked more like asterisks….!

But I did conquer the taped triangles, which I’d tried before but ended up with more polish on the tape than on my nails :S

Here’s the tutorial I used from Pinterest:

171981279490530083_TgvVFrDI_cIt’s a simple enough concept: Paint your nails one colour, once dry create a triangle on the tip using tape, and then paint on a contrasting colour. As you can see, I switched the colours over for the other hand. Tres happy with the result, although maybe in future I’ll downsize the triangles a lil.IMAG1240 IMAG1241Here’s our friend Jenn’s take on taped nails (she of the Tie-dyed nails):380859_10152355990750235_1121292198_nPlus her own super cute Christmas nails :)530359_10152371506470235_1401585386_n

Holly x


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