#54 Potholder pressies

And here’s my present to our Mum – she was well crafted for this year! Mum had requested some potholders – not a double or single oven glove, but some good old fashioned potholders.

I came across some really natty fabric that I thought Mum would appreciate, so decided to buy some potholders and then recover them with said fabric. Well, potholders turned out to be pretty elusive, so in the end I bought some heavy duty tea towels from John Lewis (designed for handling hot pots!) and made my own. They were so easy to make I also did one each for my two English sisters in law :)

Here are the finished products, Mum’s on the left, sisters’ on the right:IMAG1206I had some left over fabric from Mum’s, so decided to do her an embroidery hoop for the kitchen. One of her well-known sayings:.(Apols for the crap-alicious photos, yet again!)

Happy new year!! Holly x


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