#51 Modge Podge-ing it up

Happy Christmas!!!! We hope you all had a blessed day on the 25th ^_^

We have lots of crafted present posts to share with you all soon, but in the meantime, here’s some of Ruth’s pre-Christmas handiwork. If you would like to share any homemade pressies on Twinterest (given or received!), please email us at hellotwinterest@gmail.com – we’d love to see ’em!

— H+R xx —

What is this modge podge business? Every second pinterest craft tutorial tells you to get your modge podge at the ready, maybe it’s an American thing but we hadn’t heard of it until recently  until we became obsessed with Pinterest.

119134352613193930_XZKy54WW_c 155796468330319203_QRSg74pv_c{Those 26 tutorials can be found here}

Holly happened across two pots at a car boot sale and I finally used it recently. Basically it’s a PVA type glue that drys non-sticky with a shiny finish, you can use it as both glue and a varnish (it’s like a top and base coat nail polish!).DSC_0766-002DSC_0764-001For a set of little canvases I used MP to stick on a flower decoupage (canvas painted first obvs), painted on the text, then two layers of Modge Podge over the top. It dries much faster than most liquids glue, and I really like the look of the finish. Conclusion: Modge Podge is well worthy of the pinterest love, looking forward to the next project.


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5 thoughts on “#51 Modge Podge-ing it up

  1. Mod Podge is awesome. My decoupage projects would not be the same without it.. Have you tried different finishes? I use the paper one most often, but the gloss is good too. I want to get a shimmery one for special occasions. It’s available at Spotlight here in NZ.

    • We both only have the furniture finish (?!) but it still gives a nice matt finish, makes things look so good! Glad you’re a mod podge fan too Ness, it’s going to change the world! xR

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