Guest Pinnage – Advent Calendar fun!

It’s really nice to have some wonderful guest posts to occupy Twinterest while we’re busy making things (that def can’t be blogged about until after they’ve been unwrapped!)

Thanks to Rachel for emailing me today’s Guest Pinnage – her super cute Advent Calendar:

“Loving the blog oh so much. Thanks for the inspiration to keep putting these pins into action. Saw your call for christmas related pins – I just finished an advent calendar that combines this:


(from Pickles)

with this:


(from The Cheese Thief) 

And the end result =.

“It took maybe three episodes of The Wire (so, 3 hours)? Probably could have been quicker if I didn’t have to keep looking up to see who’d been shot now….

The only thing that bugs me about it is that the stars don’t hang the way I want them to – would be ideal if they all sat flat so you could see the numbers. There’s probably a simple fix for that, but I’ve moved on to the next project now!

The stars are super easy to make – I make a bunch of them last year and filled an empty bauble with them, which made a cute decoration, and if you made them bigger, you could probably string them together.”

Love it ^_^ Particularly the “Nearly Merry” – hope no one is getting overly merry before the appropriate time..! Thanks, Rachel!

And even though December is mostly done, we can still get some additional Pinspiration for next year…
. 156781630748171891_Hb00MlVJ_c
155796468328839922_LEJ3Sac7_c 155303887121748378_KVthSRc1_c.

Holly x


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